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Warranty Program

In the following, Dragon E-Bikes will refer to both Dragon E-Bikes and Draco E-Bikes.

DRAGON E-BIKES offer two different limited, non-transferrable warranties.

Standard Parts Only Limited (non-transferrable) Warranty for products assembled & PDI’d by DRAGON E-BIKES Reseller or Authorized Service Centre

30-Day Parts Only Limited (non-transferrable) Warranty for products you purchased ‘in the box’ and assembled by yourself

You are responsible for bringing your Dragon E-Bike to the nearest Authorized Service Centre, any labour costs incurred and picking it up once warranty repairs have been completed. Alternatively, you may request warranty parts be shipped directly to you, see “Process for Replacements Parts” below. Both warranties are subject to certain exclusions detailed below. If you have any questions contact us or an Authorized Service Centre.


Our Standard Warranty coverage applies to products assembled & PDI’d by a DRAGON E-BIKES Reseller or Authorized Service Centre (‘ASC’) only. The cost of this warranty is covered by your Assembly & PDI fee and includes all parts, but is subject to exclusions detailed below. Our Standard Warranty includes any breakage or failure resulting from a manufacturing defect as follows:

1 Year Frame & Swing Arm – This coverage includes the main frame, bushings and swing arm

6 Months Motor and Other: This coverage includes power train, controller and all electrical and mechanical parts excluding battery.

90 days Pro-rated Battery: We provide a 90-day pro-rated warranty which means, for example, if your battery fails and has to be replaced on day 30 of your warranty you will pay the equivalent of 1/3 of the cost of the replacement battery. The replacement battery would carry a 60-day warranty from the date of replacement, that is the remaining warranty from the original purchase.


This warranty applies to ‘in-the-box’ purchases that you assembled yourself. It covers any breakage or failure resulting from a manufacturing defect but is subject to exclusions detailed below. You must remove and return the defective part(s) to our warehouse located in Caledonia, Ontario and Delhi, Ontario at your expense and we will send the replacement part(s) to you by Canada Post at our expense. You are responsible for reassembly and testing to ensure product safety.

Warranty Exclusions: DRAGON E-BIKES warranty does not cover unauthorized modifications, repairs not made by a DRAGON E-BIKES Reseller or Authorized Service Centre, broken plastic parts, flat tires if punctured, light bulbs, wear and tear, lack of maintenance, damage from accidents or collisions, misuse, abuse, neglect, damage incurred from floods, salt and other foreign debris or chemicals, or extreme cold temperatures.

Process Replacement Parts: When ordering warranty parts you will be required to provide the serial number of your e-bike, the date of purchase, and may be required to return the defective part. Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours for warranty and estimate examination, and at least 5 business days for repair.

The Warranty Program is automatically voided or cancelled if:
- Parts are replaced or if tampering is evident such as modification to the product.
- If the product has been in a serious accident that has affected the major components and/or the operation of the product.
- If any outstanding balances are due to Dragon E-Bikes
- If the Serial Number is erased, scratched or removed from the frame of the product or if the Serial Number does not match our records.
- If there is evidence of abuse, misuse, exposure to floods, salt and other foreign debris or chemicals and/or neglect.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The only warranties made by Dragon E-Bikes are those made specifically, and in writing, in this document. We make no warranties – express or implied – as to fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability or otherwise. We specifically reject any and all claims for consequential damages arising from use of our products, however caused. In any event, by purchasing products or services from Dragon E-Bikes or its resellers or service outlets you agree that the sole and exclusive maximum liability to Dragon E-Bikes shall be the price of the product purchased or repaired. Further, you assume sole liability for any injury arising from operation of any products offered on this web site and you accept full responsibility for all safety warnings, instructions, and limited warranty if the product is sold, lent or otherwise transferred and will indemnify Dragon E-Bikes, it's officers, agents or assignees from any claims against failure to do so. Parts replaced or repaired under this warranty are warranted only for the balance of the applicable warranty period or the balance of any applicable extended warranty period. All defective parts replaced under warranty become the property of Dragon E-Bikes. Laws vary from some state to state and province to province therefore some of the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have additional specific legal rights that vary from state to state or province to province.